The Game

Ghost Jump Go! is an endless jumper for iOS and Android. You jump upwards a tower made of beautiful pixel art. The Ghost floats across the screen from left to right. Above is a ceiling made of colored blocks. Every time the Ghost changes direction it randomly picks a color from the ceiling blocks. This gives you one length of a room to react. You can only jump through blocks of the Ghost’s current color. Reaching a new floor adds points to your score.

The most fun is to master the art of entering and leaving a floor with no more than one turn. If you do so you fill up your combo orb and subsequently multiply your score.

Ghost Jump Go! supports Game Center's Leaderboard (on iOS). Compete against friends and others.

It's free to download, but not pay2win!

Jump up an endless changing tower!
Max out your combo and rule the Leaderbaord (iOS)
Collect powerful items: Invincibility, double score and more!
Rescue pets as a daily quest
Carefully randomized rooms with moving walls
Highlight mode for people with color vision deficiency
A rewarding calendar high score
Adaptive music! Music gets better if you play better!
More tower skins available, no Pay2Win
Free to download
The Tower

Every time you play the tower is different. It is made of carefully randomized components and the difficulty increases the longer your session takes. A range of power ups loosen the routine and you can rescue pets as a daily quest. The music adapt to your skill level. When you rise your combo orb you get more intense music.

A special highlight mode is there to help in case of color vision deficiency. In that mode you see a glow around the blocks of the matching color.

You can purchase skins to customize the game and support a passionate developer. Ghost Jump Go! is a colorful spin on the one-button-game-concept and is pure hyper-casual fun.

Presskit (*.zip)
Created by, xtoffsgamestuff
Initial Concept & Additional Artwork
Alan Monteiro
Game Logo Art
Additional Engine Programing